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Blogger Starter Kit: 5 WordPress Optimization Plugins You Don’t Want to Miss

Blogger Starter Kit There are plenty of WordPress optimization plugins out there, but it doesn’t mean that you need more than a couple. Rather, it is important that you are strategic in your approach to picking the right options for your blog to be able to grow your audience and rank on keywords effectively. Whatever your monetization model […]

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur: The Beauty and Beast of Flying Solo

Entrepreneur Lessons In our first installment of Confessions of an Entrepreneur, a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs discussing online business tips and strategies for small businesses, we took a deeper look at what it takes to start a business. Below I posted an inspirational story about what it takes to get a small business of the ground, The Beauty and […]


SEO ‘Hack Proofing’: How Defensive SEO Strategies Can Boost Crisis Management Efforts

SEO ‘Hack Proofing’ By Ayaz Lakhani In light of the recent hacking issues and PR blunders that have plagued a myriad of major brands such as Burger King, Mountain Dew and KitchenAid, there is a growing need to minimize the harm caused by negative publicity and proactively defend your brand’s SEO rankings as a crisis management […]

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Social Search Engine: What’s There to “Like” About Facebook’s New Graph Search Game Changer

Social Search Engine:  Graph Search Game Changer by Amanda Winters Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced of Facebook’s latest social search engine innovation, dubbed the “third pillar” in its network alongside News Feed and Timeline: Graph Search. Graph Search introduces a new kind of search technology that enables users to search in four different categories: people, […]

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Local SEO for Small Business and Social Search – Insider Tips with Lavall Chichester

By Keisha Stephen-Gittens Local SEO for Small Business On Martin Luther King Day while Beyonce was singing (or not singing, as some may argue) the national anthem at the 2013 United States Presidential Inauguration, I was having my own casual “ceremonial” interview that signaled the start of Search Decoder’s SEO Insider Tips video blog series.  […]


2013 SEO Conferences

  By Dan Lee (@deelee91) Hello everyone! I am currently a senior at Syracuse University finishing up my last semester. After two internships with LOcalVox and Profero, I found Search Engine Optimization to be not only an interest but also a hobby. In all those experiences, the most important thing I learned was that there is always […]


Cost-Per-Lead Search Advertising: Generate Leads and Connect with Future Customers at the Zero Moment of Truth

by Keisha Stephen-Gittens Why Cost-Per-Lead ads for your business? Wouldn’t our business world feel like a better place if we had unlimited advertising budgets? Sadly, this is not the reality and limitations sometimes challenge us. Brands and small businesses in particular are constantly looking for reasons to justify spending or making wise and appropriate investment […]