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Tips for Leveraging Triberr, SEO and Social Media for Blogging: Q&A with Paul Shapiro (@fighto)

Last week I sat with Paul Shapiro, a fellow search marketer and blogger who shared with me a couple of great blog optimization tips that every blogger should know about. I have collaborated with Paul on Triberr and have been impressed with how – in a relatively short time – he managed to develop an […]


Stop Being Kanye: Mike King Explains Holistic SEO

SEO has become a big picture initiative, yet most businesses still operate in silos. Affectionately referred to as the SEO’s Don Draper, Mike King (@ipullrank) explains how to think about your SEO holistically to accomplish exponential growth for your business. Inspired by his popular blog post on Moz, “The new SEO process: stop being Kanye,” Mike delivered an […]


Evolve or Perish: How to Succeed in the Digital World

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at MarketingWeekNYC, which featured many accomplished business leaders such as Shelly Lazarus, former Worldwide CEO and now Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, Alexis Maybank, Founder of Gilt Groupe, and Alice Schroeder, the author of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.  The event was sponsored by Manhattan Chamber of Commerce […]


What is Content Strategy and How to Make it Work for your Business with Devin Asaro, Content Strategist

In Spring, Devin Asaro, along with couple more folks from the iAqcuire inbound marketing team, guest lectured in my search marketing class at NYU on the topic of content strategy, content marketing and SEO, which was part of the Inbound Marketing Clinic initiative we started at NYU SPCS, within its M.S. in Integrated Marketing Program. Below I […]


Content Marketing Tips & SEO Strategies with iAcquire Team at NYU

I sat with some of the best SEOs and content marketers out there from the iAcquire inbound marketing team to talk about recent trends and strategies in content marketing and search engine optimization. We did an innovative interactive panel-format lecture for graduate students at NYU, where I teach a search marketing class within M.S. in Integrated […]