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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Hey Matthew,

    Web Design Agencies are becoming saturated on the web. How can I use Social Media and Blogging to spur growth and stay ahead of the pack? I guess my question would be, what is one thing that I can do different than anyone else?

    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Hello Ben, thanks for your question.

      I wish there was this one silver-bullet advice that I could give you to get ahead of the pack. The truth is that it is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to keep posting, sharing, and building relationships with others. Every day, week, month, over years. If you are not in it long-term, the odds are against you.

      If I had to choose to do one thing differently (assuming that you are a small business with limited resources), jump on an emerging platform and develop a strong niche community that is untapped by your competitors.

      Look beyond Facebook and Twitter – they have scale but (as you said) those platforms get saturated.

      Here are couple social / blogging platforms that you may want to look into for big hits:

      Quora – answer questions related to your business, keep answering

      Reddit – not easy for businesses, you need to be very authentic, but has a HUGE upside

      Medium – can you write?

      SlideShare – even introverts can kill it!

      Here are couple posts with case studies that may help you find that killer ‘thing’:

      SlideShare: https://medium.com/personal-brand/7d4beec8624c

      Reddit: https://medium.com/seo-for-adults/43a732d0900

      Quora: https://medium.com/seo-for-adults/7d0c76f2bf65

      Medium: http://www.johnfdoherty.com/write-medium/

      Hope it helps?

      Keep me posted what worked for you!

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    Does this help? Definitely! I love it. Yes, I believe that I can write and I’m about to jump on the Medium wave. That said, we will see if the belief in my own writing translates to an actual audience who believes the same, which leads me to my next question.

    I’ve been hearing a strong opinion that guest blogging is now less important for Google/SEO. Now, a couple years ago having guest bloggers was the next best thing to chocolate pudding. What is your stance on Guest Blogging and it’s recent, if any, effect on SEO?

  3. Matthew Capala
    Matthew Capala says:

    Sure thing Ben, I think you are referring to the ‘decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO’ piece that Matt Cutts recently wrote on his blog:


    My opinion: ‘guest blogging for SEO’ is dead, long live guest blogging!

    I think everyone on the Web is sick and tired of spam and low-quality content that gets rewritten and recycled by black-hat SEOs across article directories and other shady places.

    If you get to guest blog for Mashable or other reputable blogs, why would this be bad SEO?

    Legit guest blogging works, spam doesn’t.

    I think it is crazy how much time people spend analyzing what Matt Cutts said, didn’t say, might have said, will say and on and on. If those folks spent same amount of time doing good marketing and writing great content people love, they would not need to worry about what Matt Cutts is saying.

    If you are paying a company oversees $100 a month for SEO, yes, you should start to worry bc they are spinning articles and guest posts for ‘link building; that will def get you in trouble with Google.

    Let’s make the Web a better place, shall we? 🙂

  4. Darren
    Darren says:

    Hey Matt,
    Im an affiliate, working mostly by myself all day so sometimes I struggle to find new/innovative ideas for projects I’m running to differentiate my site from other affiliate sites.
    Question 1 – Do you have any methods to combat this?

    My latest tactic is based around trying to drum up interest/coverage via PR with niches that are seasonal.
    Here is an actionable question/request from me…Ive just started a dating comparison site – hit me with a unique idea for my ‘boring comparison’ site. Its nearly Valentines Day, so I’m expecting big things 🙂

    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Hello Darren,

      Here is an affiliate marketing idea for you for the V day.

      Nothing connects people like chocolate. 1.6 million people search for the word chocolate a year in the US on Google. There is tons of opportunity to talk about chocolate in an engaging way… because people love chocolate.

      Create interesting memes around chocolate and use affiliate partnerships with leading chocolate gifting brands like Godiva.

      Let me know how it goes.

  5. Matthew Capala
    Matthew Capala says:

    Hello Clayburn, thanks for your question

    I think the biggest challenge to start in SEO is that you need to get out of your comfort zone (and out of the couch).


    You need to constantly experiment and try new approaches, constantly read blog posts and forums, you need to be on social media and you should blog, and – most importantly – you have to build relationships with other SEOs so that you can learn from them.

    SEO is ultimately learned by experience, while reading books and blog posts provide a great foundation. A lot of people don’t have it. They choose 9-6. So I think the challenge is that it requires a lot of time and discipline to become an SEO, and you need to be very entrepreneurial to succeed.

    Second, you need to be both technical and creative in SEO, which means you need the type of people who can understand both content marketing and how to do scheme.org mark-up. That scares marketers who consider themselves one way or the other.

    I am very entrepreneurial so I was looking for an area of marketing that is constantly growing and evolving because I love to learn and I am passionate about it. I transitioned from PPC into SEO because it offers me more opportunity to learn.

    There is also huge demand for SEO professionals so I thought I would have better chances of breaking through the clutter when I was trying to get a job during the recession – I chose SEO to brand myself and stand out using blogging and social media to get jobs at the Associate Press and Matte early in my career. I talked about more here: https://medium.com/career-pathing/7f4b39e568e9

  6. Mina Doroudi
    Mina Doroudi says:

    Hey Matthew,

    I’m an entrepreneur and software engineer, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to improve my public speaking, and I loved your article about it. I’m from Iran and came to the US 12 years ago, so I’m in the same boat as you were :).
    I’m definitely going to by Carnegie’s book that you mentioned, and follow your advice. I was wondering if you would recommend some other free/online resources?


  7. Ali
    Ali says:

    Hi Matt
    Ive read almost all your ebooks,blog posts ,slideshare presentations etc. Huge Fan.

    I’m a recent marketing graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand (bottom of the world!)

    In a nutshell, pursuit of happyness style- I want to ask you ” What do you do and how do you do it?”

    My goal: Fullstack startup marketing expert, public speaking like yourself

    (I also do street photography-Humans of Auckland (Humans of new york but for Auckland!) and personal training ) but my passion is marketing.

    Whats your advice on starting this ? Ive been told from various blogs to learn seo,ppc, adwords, analytics, content marketing, etc etc – the usual but whats the real deal ? Not a shortcut but rather- wise words from yourself to avoid inefficiencies.

    2 years I have for my Masters at Uni- I really want to maximize these two years and achieve a position like yours but down here in Auckland.
    Do you recommend me creating some ebooks? Slideshare presentations? Start blogging? Learn technical marketing?

    Your help and advice is much appreciated.

    P.S Ive shared your away with average book with endless people down here in NZ- Priceless content!

    (Sorry not sure if this got posted twice or not? I can’t see my post on here)
    Thanks again Matt!

    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Hey Ali, thanks for your question, and thanks for reading our books and courses. Much appreciated!

      New Zealand sounds like amazing place to live, never been, but would love to visit one day.

      I like your question, in short the answer is:

      “Do things, tell people.”

      Constantly, weekly, daily.

      Then, it comes down to what you say and whom you are speaking to, so you need to make sure you have great content and surround yourself with people who wish you well and support you in what you peruse. Distance yourself from those who bring you down.

      Second, it takes time, you need to build up, and so you need to have a long term view. They key is to focus on action, do it, ship it, and you’ll get ahead of the pack because most people do not take action, out of fear or reluctant to get out of their comfort zone. Only a few % take a consistent action, and it’s the big ‘secret’ to success most people don’t want to believe. Most want to get rich quickly without leaving the couch.

      Here is a 10-step plan.

      ** I actually just started (a week ago) a new site, SumoHacks.com, and I’m using the process below to monetize it and build my credentials in the area of life hacking.

      1. Get a clever / catchy domain (not a subdomain)
      2. Start a blog (needs to be on WordPress.org) about the topics you want to write about and activate social media channels: Twitter, FB, G+, Linkedin, SlideShare, Medium
      3. Optimize your WP with these plugins: summome (for social media, lead generation) and yoast (for seo)
      4. Start building a list (tool: aweber or mailchimp) and offer a free newsletter, which in the beginning can be a summary of your posts
      5. Organize your content strategy around building an ebook (blog posts are early chapters), edit, and offer your free ebook in exchange for an email. Use free Canva design to design ebook cover or use Fiverr for $5. Note: the book needs to solve a significant problem or offer a significant value in a niche area of your expertise
      6. Use the ‘Spider Method’ content campaign I explained in ‘SEO Like I’m 5’ to build audience and the list – blog ebook chapters on your site and guest posting on other blogs and include ‘content hooks’ to download your free ebook
      7. Find niche keywords using keyword research tools, such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Soovle
      8. Take time to create a winning ‘about page’ and offer your products and services, this page does the selling, so ask for feedback and include credentials, social proof, and testimonials
      9. Expend on your free ebook, and create Kindle book on Amazon and online course on Udemy
      10. Offer your Kindle book at a discount or free for a limited time (via KDP Select on Amazon) to your list. Then, do the same with your online course. Ask for reviews.

      Then you have a business.

      Hope it helps, it takes 3-6 months to make it work. Then things will compound and you will start to attract like a magnet.

      Let me know how it goes, at the end of the day, it all comes down t action/execution, good luck!

  8. Mike Fishbein
    Mike Fishbein says:

    Hey Matt,

    I want to make sure my WordPress site is properly configured for SEO. Do you have some advice or recommended resources for technical/on-site SEO for a WordPress blog?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  9. Matthew Capala
    Matthew Capala says:

    Hey Mike,

    The WordPress toolbox that I use for most SEO configurations include the following plugins:

    Yoast Plugin: It will handle most of your SEO needs on WordPress, including xml simemap and access to most HTML elements of every page

    Custom Permalinks Plugin: allows you to remove excessive characters from URLs

    Kraken Image Optimizer: automated image compression tool

    WP Rocket – increase performance of your wordpress blog

    Sumome – WP powerpack including social media widgets and lead generation popups

    301 redirect plugin

    And that should do it


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