You’ve heard it said that the numbers don’t lie, and that’s especially true when it comes to social media statistics. Brands, agencies, and experts from around the world are constantly curating data related to social media usage, all of which can be helpful in understanding and planning social media strategy.

The following social media statistics have been gathered from a variety of sources. You’ll find impressive numbers about the top social networks and how they’re used by people and businesses around the world. Use this information to help you build a better social strategy. One that’s based on numbers…because the numbers never lie!

Here are 9 social media statistics you should know about

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2.1 Billion Active Social Media Accounts

This is a general stat referring to active users on a variety of social networks. From Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, it’s all been considered. The takeaway here is that social media is a tree ripe for the picking. Find a network that is a good fit for your brand and get to work!


60 Million Photos are Added to Instagram Each Day

Instagram Statistics

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to join Instagram, this statistic might sway your mind. 60 million photos a day! There’s no better time than now to start posting your own photos. Don’t forget to monitor trending hashtags to get the most impact out of each post.


1.31 Billion Mobile Monthly Active Users on Facebook

This stat is particularly notable because it applies to mobile users. Fewer and fewer users are spending time on Facebook using a desktop, so be sure to cater content to mobile users.


75% of Pinterest Usage Takes Place on Mobile Devices

Here’s another statistic about mobile social media users. According to Pinterest, 75% of all usage takes place on a mobile device. This is good to know for planning purposes. Before you upload a pin to Pinterest, do a test run to see how it will look on mobile. Also, make sure your website is easy to pin from using a mobile device.


80% of Twitter’s 316M Monthly Active Users are on Mobile

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Yeah, I know I’m talking a lot about mobile users, but it’s important! You’re not making content for a computer anymore, so take the time to craft your messages and content for the small screen.


39 Million Students and Recent College Graduates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Statistics

Every business needs good employees, and LinkedIn could be the place to find them. Surely you’ll find the right guy or gal out of the 39 million students and recent grads.


92% of Social Marketers are Using Facebook for Advertising

This statistic is impressive. If you’re one of the 8% not using Facebook advertising, you may want to reconsider. It’s definitely a pay-to-play world now.


YouTube Has over 1 Billion Users

YouTube Statistics

Not using video content as part of your marketing strategy? You might want to reconsider that decision. Over 1 billion users provide a great opportunity for exposing your brand to an engaged audience. Fire up the camera and get to work!


71% of Online Adults Use Facebook

This stat is from 2014, and I can only assume the number has grown. If your target audience consists of adults, then Facebook is more than likely a good opportunity to reach them. Just remember… you’re going to need an advertising budget!


Do you have a particular social media statistic that marketers should know? I’d love to see it, so share in the comments below!

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