There’s no denying the importance of online reviews, ratings, and social media for small businesses. Consumers are using those signals more and more before, during, and after the buying process.

From vetting a company or product to rating the website and social media content, consumers are using online reviews and ratings to publicly evaluate companies and products.

What does this mean for all of us? Simply put, we need to embrace and promote a culture that is catered to the online review world – free of spam and unethical businesses gaming the system.

For the past couple months I have been working with WikiReviews, a better place for online reviews, to help them launch their platform, and we put together couple statistics that inspired us when we thought about the value we can deliver not only to the review and wiki communities, but also to small businesses that suffer from spam and negative reviews which pollute existing platforms.

The Internet needs a new better, place for reviews, and WikiReviews will change the think about online reviews! Sign up for WikiReviews newsletter to be the first to hear more.

8 Internet User Statistics Every Small Business Should Know About

Inspired by a popular blog post on WikiReviews Herald.
What’s your experience with online reviews and ratings?
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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Matt,

    These stats rings true.

    Before Kelli and I rent a place during our world travels we scour over reviews. We take our time, weigh positive versus negative feedback and if most takes are positive we’re likely to rent. If not, of if the negative reviews show a common thread, like being in a noisy neighborhood, we move on to the next review.


    We trust other people’s objective reviews before almost anything else.Perhaps we’ll trust a celebrity endorsement, or maybe, we buy into a handful of authority testimonials but a fair and honest 3rd party review of someone who’s tried the product or service vibes so much with us, because it’s authentic.

    You can’t beat the truth as a person sees it, and that’s why most folks buy into reviews, pretty darn quickly. The trick lies in weighing out positive versus negative reviews because in some negative cases people were having a bad day, and totally skewer a hotel, apartment or house that’s top notch on most levels but may come up short in some areas.

    Most reviews though are honest, fair and authentic.

    Cool stats.

    So happy to tweet through Triberr.

    Signing off from Fiji!


  2. Phillip Dews
    Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Matt,

    Interesting write up and slideshare plus have signed up! JUst like Ryan above I research before purchasing. It’s amazing how much th interenet has empowered us as consumers though!

    I am about to build my own computer rig soon and I need a lot of different things like a motherboard, Case, PSU, Ram, Hard Drive and CPU so it can be quite daunting though! However I cut my teeth in the web dev trade by learning from people like Adam Khoury who has a huge following and a great reputation!

    One of Adams Epic vids shows you haw to build a rig using products like these from the ground up so I trust his advice and the products that he has used! Teachers who give out lots of value should be followed and trusted these days.

    I dont like the dark side of the interent and how social networks moniter our activity and sell all that data to advertisers to promote their products. I recently come across a new Social Network named Ello that you may be interesed in looking into. Their Manifesto is a breath of fresh air!

    Top post Matt.
    – PD

  3. Carol Peltty
    Carol Peltty says:

    Well, this is so true, besides promoting my own site i also a costumer for other sites or services, i oftenly spent days only to figure out about the service or goods i’d like to buy and to convince myself that i have pick the right seller, others’ bad reviews give a lot of impact on my decision.


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