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Hallo, my name is Matthew Capala.

Short form bio

matthew capala

Matthew Capala is an Internet entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of Amazon best-selling “SEO Like I’m 5.” He is the founder of Alphametic, a high-growth company specialized in SEO workshops and training, with clients including L’Oreal and Hoval. Matthew has launched several popular websites, including Search Decoder, a place for SEO ideas for entrepreneurs, and recently Sumo Hacks. He writes regularly on The Next Web, and is a sought-after speaker and trainer. His work and ideas have been recognized by The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Chicago Tribune. As Adj. Professor at NYU, Matthew teaches a graduate course on search marketing. You can find his online course at, dubbed “the #1 SEO online training system on the Web.”

Matthew Capala Speaker


“Showing up is 80% of success” Woody Allen once famously said. He was dead right. Why? Because in a world where 80% of consumers search for a product or service before purchasing it, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure.

Showing up is 80% of success

Yet showing up on Google, YouTube, blogs, or in social feed has became the Labors of Hercules far many business owners. While Google is evolving at light speed, many are lost fighting for survival. Worst of all, many are still using the obsolete tactics of the past that today may put you in Google’s penalty box pronto. You will not do well in SEO by chasing the algorithm; you need to get in front of it!

There is an another saying: “You can spend all your time studying the roots of a tree, or you can just learn to pick the fruit.” My approach to online growth and SEO lets you focus on picking up the fruit, not studying the tree. By focusing on the 20% of quick hits, you can generate 80% of your incremental ROI. I call it organic growth acceleration.


I teach SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including:

SEO Workshops is for businesses that want actionable SEO tips and tools to accelerate growth pronto
SEO Bootcamps is for businesses that need to get results NOW and don’t have the time to wait months to start selling
Keynote Speaking includes appearances and talks at conferences, podcasts, media, and corporations

seo speaker matthew capala

SEO Books are for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to learn SEO “Like I’m 5”
SEO Online Course is for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to learn SEO at their own pace and get access to hundreds of SEO tips, hacks, and tools

SEO Training Materials

I build and run online businesses including:

☞ High net-worth domains
☞ Websites, blogs, and community groups
☞ Content monetization, including online courses, Kindle books, affilate marketing and audio products


I’ve consulted with and spoken at several companies with names you may know including:

☞ L’Oreal
☞ Apple
☞ Western Union
☞ Diageo
☞ Mohegan Sun
☞ Quest Diagnostics
☞ LG Electronics

Want to see me in action? Check out my talk on a show hosted by James Altucher:

Ep 245: How to Make Money With Your Blog in Six Months

how to make money blogging ask altucher

I’ve also spoken at some of the biggest conferences and shows all over the world including:

☞ Internet Summit
☞ TechMunch
☞ Digital Summit
☞ Podcast hosted by James Altucher
☞ Caribbean Mix

And many many more, you can view my speaking calendar here.


This stuff is totally free!

☞ Sign up for my insider newsletter at get actionable tips and hacks delivered to your inbox
☞ Free E-Book: Link Building Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Guide to Link Building Like a Pro
☞ Free E-Book: Content Marketing Toolbox: 25 Tools to Jumpstart Massive Traffic to Your Website
☞ Free E-Book: Away with the Average: How Online Entrepreneurship Creates Unique Advantage for Job Seekers

Free SEO Ebooks


There are a couple of ways you can in touch with me including:

☞ We can chat on Twitter, you can find me @SearchDecoder
☞ We can become Facebook fiends or Linkedin connections
☞ You can send me an email at matt (at)

4 Responses to Who is SearchDecoder

  1. veronique September 15, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    Hi Mattew,

    How have you been?
    Long time since studyling together at Baruch. I have been trying to reach and want to follow up.

    You have all this great information and different ways to reach you….however, I don’t find your phone number, can you email it to me please?.

    Thank you,

    • Matthew Capala September 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

      Great to re-connect Veronique. Will get in touch.

  2. Prasanna August 29, 2014 at 12:38 am #

    Hi Mathew,
    Your drive is amazing. If I can reveal my observation, there is no matching direction to optimize the performance. You are destined for more. Good luck.


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