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Matthew Capala (@SearchDecoder) is a growth-focused Internet marketer and entrepreneur. With over a decade of digital marketing experience working with some of the world’s largest brands (Apple, Western Union, Avon, Smirnoff, TRESemme, Dell, LG, Prudential) and start-ups, Matthew has leveraged the Internet in unprecedented ways to spur growth. He is the founder of SearchDecoder.com, Adj. Professor at NYU, consultant, dynamic speaker, trainer, blogger and author.

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In his latest book, SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, he brings the hard-won advice on how to make your business more visible online and get ahead of the pack on a crowded Web to everyone who is willing to hustle.


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Matthew has spoken at various industry conferences and trained workshops all over  world, including New York, Miami, San Francisco London, Vienna, Munich, and Warsaw. He writes for several industry leading blogs and publications, including The Next Web, Sparksheet, Medium and Problogger.


You can contact Matthew via email at matt (at) searchdecoder (dot) com

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♦ How to Get Funding From a Shark 2 2013
♦ 40th Anniversary of CEANY 2013

Speaking Engagements
♦ World Trade Week 2014
♦ Search Marketing Day (Warsaw) 2014
♦ Small Business Forum 2014
♦ Marketing Week NYC 2013
♦ Great Ideas at C-Level 2012

♦ 3 Day Startup NYC 2014
♦ CEO Networking NYEBN 2014

Results for

♦ Dell
♦ LG Electronics
♦ Apple
♦ Western Union
♦ Prudential
♦ Diageo
♦ Unilever
♦ Mohegan Sun

Online Growth Solutions

  • Content strategy
  • SEO and SEM
  • Social media
  • User development
  • Content marketing
  • Growth hacking


Hello, I am Matthew Capala

I am a student of life. I lived in Poland until the age of 23. I moved to New York 10 years ago, where I have led multiple lives: construction worker, scaffold operator, waiter, office manager, digital marketer, consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, professor, and executive. In that order.

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I love to help others achieve success. Published on Medium, a better place to read and write, Away with Average: How Online Entrepreneurship Creates a Unique Advantage for Job Seekers, is a collaborative free e-book. Constantly evolving, its content is live. Every sentence is a tweet or a conversation.

Away with the average

7 Responses to Who is SearchDecoder

  1. veronique September 15, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    Hi Mattew,

    How have you been?
    Long time since studyling together at Baruch. I have been trying to reach and want to follow up.

    You have all this great information and different ways to reach you….however, I don’t find your phone number, can you email it to me please?.

    Thank you,

    • Matthew Capala September 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

      Great to re-connect Veronique. Will get in touch.

  2. Prasanna August 29, 2014 at 12:38 am #

    Hi Mathew,
    Your drive is amazing. If I can reveal my observation, there is no matching direction to optimize the performance. You are destined for more. Good luck.


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