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8 Tips to Engineer a Happy Internet Lifestyle of a Solopreneur

As I sip on some tea beside the rice fields in Ubud, Bali, I have to hand it to myself. 5 years ago this life would have been a pipe dream. I had zero solopreneurial bones in my body. Fast forward 5 years. I’ve published 10 eBooks and my blog has helped me engineer a freeing […]

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10 Blog Commenting Power Players to Watch

Blog commenting provides you with a simple, easy to follow strategy for building powerful relationships. Friends engage friends, right? Every relationship online or offline starts with a “Hello”, and blog commenting is a direct way to meet and greet just about any influencer from your niche. – Ryan Biddulph, Author of Blogging from Paradise This […]

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the ultimate guide to outsourcing seo to Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines Done Right: The Good, The Bad, and How to Win Big

I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs since I started providing outsourced SEO services from Philippines 8 years ago. I saw shifts in the search engine landscape bring down SEO sweat shops. I have a bunch of stories that I could tell about outsourcing SEO, after all… and not all of them good. Google’s Panda and Penguin changed […]

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How to Reach New Audiences on Emerging Social Content Platforms {Podcast}

I don’t really listen to my online interviews or webinars anymore. Sure, it’s great to improve your public speaking game. Catch mistakes to avoid in the future. The list goes on. I blame it on ‘no time’ or ‘too busy,’ but in reality I am quite anxious to hear myself speak on a podcast or […]

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How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success by Living with Purpose

Productivity hacks are my favorite! What makes the ‘hack’ come full circle though would be staying out of the ‘minors’ such as  doing short term pleasurable things versus long term fulfilling things. The more we focus on the ‘majors’ of life, the less time we waste and the more time we spend seeing true lasting […]

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20 SEO Sumos to Follow on Twitter

A couple of months ago one of the guest speakers in my NYU class presented a slide with a list of 5 SEOs to follow on Twitter. I couldn’t believe how much interest this one slide generated – all the students got on high alert and started jotting down names or taking pictures of the […]

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