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How To Promote A Shopify Store

Step-by-Step Guide to Promote a Shopify Store Using Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool that offers unbelievable targeting capabilities for online marketers. You can tap into granular contextual targeting data and reach people who match your exact buyer persona. You can reach consumers between specific age ranges, gender, hobbies, interests and are connected to certain pages, books, celebrities, TV shows and more. The […]

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The True Value of Backlinks for SEO in 2016

The term “link juice” delivers over seven million results on Google, many of them linking to sites with outdated and often negative information about it. The term’s bad reputation comes from its association with the worlds of Black Hat SEO, spam, and unethical link-building. Some have even claimed that in the age of Facebook and […]

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complete guide to ab testing

The Complete Guide to A/B Testing (Part 2)

When it comes to business, what do you think matters most? Having an amazing team? Lots of inventory? World-class technology? Well, all things aside, what matters most for a business is its people. And how do you know how many people are interested in your business? You measure conversions, of course. After all, the number […]

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