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Link Building Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs: Q&A with SEO Whiz @Backlinko

Link building without great content is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. You will earn links based on the merit of your content, how it’s presented to the user, and your ability to get it in front of the right people. Today’s entrepreneurs must master the art of persuasion, user experience and content promotion to get [...]

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Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’

Content is not king. Forget what you’ve learned. Content shared in the right communities can reach “king” status if you know where to post it and how to connect with fellow community members. Optimizing your content comes down to creating magnetic headlines for your content, which vibe with a carefully-selected, targeted audience, and building relationships [...]

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5 Must-Read Personal Development Books in 2014

Looking for reading ideas to advance your life in 2014? I have compiled a collection of personal development books that I feel should be read by every person that is genuinely interested in maximizing their own potential and achieve greater success in life and business. The list below includes the books that have influenced my writing [...]

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How to Make Money Blogging and Live Happy Internet Lifestyle from Anywhere in the World {Q&A}

Money responds to value, both online and offline. If you want to make money online focus on two core activities: creating value and making friends. Your content does the selling and your network amplifies your reach. Here is the tough part; your links and ads become clickable after you have become an expert in your field. Says [...]

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10 Personal Branding Hacks Guaranteed to Increase Your Online Visibility

Hello, my name is Matthew Capala. I lived in Lodz, Poland until the age of 23. I moved to New York 10 years ago, where I’ve led several lives: construction, scaffold operator, bus boy, waiter, Internet marketer, trainer, entrepreneur, professor, and executive. In that order. I chose myself. You can too. Online entrepreneurship, personal branding, and [...]

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How to Become an Authorpreneur Blogging a Book, One Post at a Time {Q&A}

The benefits of blogging a book are that you can write, publish and promote your book all at the same time. Authorpreneurs promote themselves and their book prior to it being published so they create a built in readership for the book. As they blog—write—the book, they create platform, which means they create a higher [...]

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How to Connect Google+ Authorship to Your Blog Posts (in 5 min or less)

In simple terms, authorship is how Google knows that an individual human published a blog post or an article. Connecting your Google+ profile with the work you publish online will help you increase your online influence, visibility and boost your SEO. Here is a bullet-proof guide on how to set it up in 10 easy [...]

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Good to Know: 10 Influential Social Media Quotes in 2013

There were many fireworks as we closed 2013 and eagerly jumped into 2014.  But before we strap ourselves in for the wild ride ahead let’s reflect on some of the great social media memories of 2013: Twitter successfully becomes a public company Facebook’s recovery from its slightly embarrassing IPO Unveiling/revealing “twerking” Miley Introduction of Twitter’s [...]

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How to Overcome Blogger’s Block and Get More Engagement with your Content

Blogger’s Block is that unexpected moment when you draw a total blank. Either you can’t think of anything to write or whatever you were thinking about writing just leaves you. There are several ways you can overcome blogger’s block. The one way I would suggest under all circumstances is to just stop what you’re doing and [...]

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How to Leverage the Power of Guest Blogging to Win Big

Guest blogging gives a person the ability to build their credibility, links pointing to their website and social profiles, social following, community, industry relationships, visibility, increased traffic and more. It’s one of the many ways to make a name for yourself in a industry, promote your business, and build a community. Explains Brian Honigman (@BrianHonigman), a guest [...]

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