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SEO Commando: 7 Tips to Embrace Hacker Mentality

SEOs have been compared to “hackers,” “spammers,” “sumos” and even “ninjas,” but never “commandos.” Are there actual parallels between the activities of real-world commandos and today’s PageRank-sculpting SEO optimizers? Maybe so. The most important thing to realize is that successful SEOs need to embrace a hacker mentality – get creative and figure out how to do […]

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schema like i'm 5

The Ultimate SEO Guide to Schema Markup Like I’m 5

Schema optimization has been a big subject in SEO circles, yet very few businesses are using it. In fact, only about 1% of websites on the Web are using Schema markup. Why? It’s too damn technical!!! Fear not; Brady D. Callahan does a great job of making all of this geeky terminology (itemscope, itemtype, etc.) as […]

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